Day 14 – A short stop in the Falaise Gap

After our visit to Vimy Ridge we headed towards the Normandy Coast of France and stayed in a wonderful git (cottage) in a family farm just outside of Falaise.  For Canadian history buffs, or those living on a Canadian military base, you will recall the name Falaise as another significant Canadian battle area in the Second World War.  This location is where the Canadians played a critical role closing the “Falaise Gap” while the German Nazi Army were trying to retreat.  Of course, before this trip, Falaise was an address on a military base and none of this was known to all of us but our history buff head of our home.

We stayed in the 17th century farmstead Domain de la Hamberie.  It is owned by a French/British couple, their kids, cats and dogs.  It was the site of a Field Hospital during the battle for Falaise.  We also learned there was a tank battle in the field in front of their farmstead for several days before both the German and Canadians ran out of gas and just sat there waiting for something to happen.

The kids (old and young) enjoyed the fact that the farm had cats, they also breed White Swiss Shepherds.  One lucky cat got to sleep inside with us and received enough affection from our pet deprived family to last through several low-tourist months.

We only stayed one night at this quaint auberge.  We would definitely love to go back and spend more time in this area and would recommend their lodgings to anyone.  It is also fully accessible which is not easy to find when renting apartments throughout Europe.