Balance in the Month of June

For many of us, June is the signal that change is coming. School is coming to an end, kids sports and activities are starting up, we can use the back yard again, schedules are changing and our kids are frantically rushing to finish up assignments or study for tests and exams.

All of these things and the daily grind of military life, possible postings/moves, new positions or jobs, deployment preparation, etc. can leave us all feeling as though we are “done”. Here are my top ten tips for keeping balance in June.

Keep to a routine and schedule as much as possible

Sit down as a family on Sunday night and write on a calendar the week’s commitments

Make categories of “Must Do” and “Nice To Do” and make sure everyone in the family knows the difference

Maintain a good bedtime (even though it is lighter and nicer) – sleep makes everyone more sane

Try to prepare your meals for the week (put them on the calendar and organize the freezer) – it will take some stress around meal times away

Take time each night just for you – at least 30 mins where you please no one else but yourself

Make 30mins of your day for exercise, it will not only leave you feeling better but will help with the sense of being overwelmed

Eat meals together whenever possible and keep them as close to the same time as possible (this will help with routine but you will also be able to hear about how everyone is doing)

Before getting out of bed each morning, think of one thing that you are looking forward to

Leave/hide a few notes around the house or in lunches telling someone in your family how special they are and something that is great about the month of June