Are You Waiting

What are you waiting for? And how does it affect your life?
Military families spend months and sometimes years waiting for loved ones to return home from war. Throughout history wives of soldiers have dedicated their lives to keeping the family together at home, while trying not to fall apart on the inside, as they wait for their soldier’s return.

“This is one kind of waiting. And it’s a very classic story,” says Marueen Judge, owner of Making Movies Inc. and 18 year veteran of numerous award-winning documentaries. “Wives and husbands have been waiting throughout history in times of war.”

Judge’s latest documentary, called “The Waiting Room,” will explore how waiting effects our psyche in a modern world where we’re conditioned to expect immediate gratification.
“the documentary will give us a front row seat in the world of waiting rooms, as we meet the people in them and follow their unfolding stories.”

Sometimes waiting is a matter of life or death, such as someone waiting for an organ donor. Other times, we’re simply waiting for romantic love or waiting to start our lives or careers.

” You go from one extreme to the other “, says Judge. “There are quintessential emotions in place. We want things to happen now. We don’t want to wait for anything; but we have to. ”

Judge is seeking military families who are or will be experiencing a deployment and are willing to discuss what it is like waiting for their soldier to return home from Afghanistan. She’s interested in finding out what military families face in times of war and how they cope. She says she is interested in interviewing multiple families for her research but will be filming only one or two families for the documentary later this summer.

Since 1993, Judge has produced and directed many documentaries, including her award-winning “And We Knew How To Dance: Women and WWI.” Other titles include: Unveiled, In My Parent’s Basement and Mom’s Home, which is a trilogy about relationships between adult children and their parents. She has also produced several TV documentaries for both the W Network and Bravo.

“There’s no doubt time flies when you’re having fun,” says Judge. “On the other hand, when you’re waiting…it’s a different story.”